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Who is FensSens?

FensSens is focused on providing smart sensors for your vehicle that help you park and detect objects around your vehicle. They have produced the first smart wireless parking sensor. New cars are outfitted with technology that helps you park easily with sensors that warn you when you are close to objects. FensSens has created a smart license plate cover which has the technology to perform these tasks on older vehicles.

Parking can be stressful if you can’t see how close you are to the vehicles around you. With a smart wireless parking sensor, you are able to have a birds-eye view of the objects around you so that you can avoid them. FensSens will help you protect your vehicle and others. You can avoid costly damages, Install the sensor in less than 5 minutes and stave off theft with the software features. Currently, FensSens only carries parking sensors but has plans to provide many more convenient and useful wireless products for your vehicle.


How to Apply FensSens Coupon Codes

FensSens will make their discounts available through coupon codes on the Coupons Collector website. Whenever they have a new promotion or sale, you can find it here. If you are ready to purchase the wireless parking detector, you can add it to your cart on the FensSens official website. On the checkout page, there is a field where you can type in the coupon code and apply the discount. Be sure that the coupon code is written exactly as it is shown on the Coupons Collector website. If you experience any issues, simply check the spelling to make sure it is exact. Once your discounts are applied, you can proceed with your checkout and complete your order.


FensSens Products and Promotions

FensSens offers wireless parking sensors for cars in North America and Europe. The parking sensor is installed via the license plate cover. Everything is operated on the Fens Sens app and you can place your phone on the dashboard holder and navigate the app while you are parking. The wireless parking sensor is the first of its kind and will help you have an event-free parking experience every time. FensSens currently only has the wireless parking sensor available but has plans to release many more products relating to wireless vehicular aids.


Why Choose FensSens?

FensSens has come out with a brand new product that will surely help you with your parking. Have you ever been trying to park in a really tight space? Has anyone ever boxed you in on a parallel parking street? It can be difficult to tell how close you are to other cars’ bumpers and objects when you are sitting in your car. Also, most old cars do not have the technology to detect objects around them. FensSens allows you the opportunity to take control of this issue and know exactly where everything is around you. Parking will be much easier and you will be less stressed out when you know where other objects are around you.

FensSens offers a 1-year warranty on all of their products. If you have an issue with one of their products that are not related to damage caused by you, or negligence, you can contact the FensSens team to apply for a return, exchange, or refund.


About FensSens

FensSens offers a wireless backup camera that will change the way you park your car. You can install the wireless parking sensor onto your car via the license plate cover. You are able to control everything on the FensSens app and easily navigate the controls. They understand how frustrating parking can be when you are in a tight space. FensSens allows you to be aware of everything that is going on around you. You can find out more information by visiting their website.


FensSens Price Match and Returns

FensSens offers a 1-year limited warranty that will protect you from defects related to the manufacturer. They provide the world’s first smart wireless parking sensor and are happy to make it available to folks who own cars without backup sensor technology. To find out more about their returns policy and exchanges, you can contact them directly on their website.

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