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You have most likely heard of life coaches and self-improvement. It’s an everyday journey that takes a great deal of work, and it’s not done easily without some help or mentoring. Gaia is an online service that provides you with plenty of resources to expand your consciousness and get in tune with this earth and beyond.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your mind, body or spirit, Gaia has what you need. You might just be stopping by and rolling through, but you clicked on Gaia for a reason. With new videos released each week, you will feel enlightened as you get updated weekly through films, classes and articles


Who are Gaia?

The universe is like an ever-expanding consciousness for us to get to know. We are a part of this universe and a mini consciousness in this large macrocosm.

Gaia dedicates themselves to answer any questions you have about life itself. Seek an answer to life’s deeper questions and go beyond what’s mainstream and what the media tells you to believe. Feel empowered through the network of believers and advocators for the truth.

Sometimes you just need a bit of support in the spiritual and metaphysical realms and it can be hard to know where to seek it. If you feel lost in this way, Gaia is here for you.


How to Apply Gaia Coupon Codes?

You need to be a member to have access to Gaia’s videos and films. They offer monthly plans at under $15/month or annual plans at under $11/month for a total amount of $125 billed once annually.

Somewhere during the sign-up process between picking your plan, filling out your information, and finally paying, you should have a chance to enter the gift or discount code.

You can find coupons available to get a certain percentage off your plan or trial subscriptions.


Gaia Products & Promotions

Gaia doesn’t sell products as much as an experience. Once you sign up for their membership, you get unlimited access to videos on yoga, meditation, series discussing the structure of our brains, the cosmos, psychedelics, ancient civilizations and more.

There are even documentaries and films that take you around this wonderful world we live in to experience foreign cultures that will speak to your inner explorer. Decrypt your innermost emotions and touch upon any subject from A to Z starting from Afterlife and ending at Yoga.

Gaia doesn’t really offer any promotions unless you count a two-week free trial for your membership and the occasional discount on that.


Why Choose Gaia?

Gaia cares about the consciousness of the human mind and everything else we have yet to understand in this plane of existence and the next. You are able to attend live talks via their live access feature and get in touch with experts from all over the world without stepping outside.

Is English not your first language? Fear not as Gaia can be translated into Spanish, German, and French as well!

Once you are signed up with Gaia, you are also eligible for instant access to free videos, articles and exclusive offers not available to the public.


About Gaia

Gaia produces and edits everything to make sure what gets put out into the world is authentic and thought provoking. They do the research to ensure they people they bring on to speak are legitimate. Some guest speakers in the past have included scholars, scientists, mystics and even shamans!

Follow their social media accounts to get all the latest news.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourmothergaia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearegaia/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/gaiamtv

Pinterst: https://www.pinterest.com/wearegaia/


Gaia Price Match & Returns

Gaia doesn’t produce a physical product to sell, which means there might not be a price match policy.

Once you sign up to be a member, you get a free two-week trial. You can cancel at anytime throughout your member ship and return as it suits you.

You will also have the ability to share your favorite videos with your friends for free.

Your membership will auto-renew but cancelling it will stop this process, and you will still have full access to Gaia’s features until your subscription runs out. You can also cancel at any time without having to pay the difference and you have until the end of your paid membership.