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View all of the latest and great IQ BAR discounts and coupon codes throughout the year right on the page. IQ BAR offers a delicious alternative protein bar to get all of the nutrition that you could ask for out of a healthy snack.

When you’re ready to add these unbeatable ingredients to your diet, pay us a visit and save big on your next purchase.


Who is IQ BAR?

IQ BAR is a company that produces various delicious protein bars based on your flavor preferences. They’re vegan and paleo-friendly, and they make a great addition to a keto diet as well.

With numerous flavor combinations you’re bound to find the perfect taste from one if not all of them. They range fruity to chocolatey and everything in between. Each bar is packed with brain food to make you feel more energized for the day ahead.

This company was founded by experts in the fitness and health fields, giving it a credible background. You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or preservatives, just pure ingredients throughout each bar.

  • Comes with a wide variety of flavors to choose from
  • Vegan, paleo, and keto diet-friendly
  • Request samples to find out which bar is meant for you
  • Excellent customer service around the clock


How to Apply IQ BAR Discount Codes?

Applying our discount codes to your next IQ BAR purchase is rather simple. All you have to do is fill your virtual cart up with any or all delicious choices on their online shop, and then head to the checkout area. This will prompt you to fill out your name, address, and so on. There will also be a discount code box on the right side of the page for you to paste our code. You can then proceed through the transaction as you normally would, saving plenty of money along the way.


IQ BAR Products and Promotions

IQ BAR sells all kinds of delicious protein bars like Almond Butter Chip, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Lemon Blueberry. You can purchase these bars in bulk or load up your cart with pre-set combinations for a better deal. When you’re ready to buy them, we have some unmatched deals that you won’t find anywhere else right here waiting for you!

These deals include free shipping, up to 30% off, and plenty of other offers that cycle in and out throughout the year. Whenever you’re ready to try these bars, our discount codes will be ready to apply.


Why Choose IQ BAR?

There are quite literally thousands of protein bars on the market, so why should you choose IQ BAR? Well, the truth is that IQ BAR doesn’t use any of the chemical preservatives that you might find in store bought bars. They’re also packed with bold taste, and they don’t leave that chalky, flavorless feeling behind like other protein bars do. It’s also nice to know that they were developed by people who are familiar with our body’s nutritional needs!


About IQ BAR

IQ BAR exploded with popularity quickly after their launch due to the unique flavors and healthy ingredients. You can keep up with their progress, new bars, and more all on their social media accounts. They have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, all of which stay updated around the clock.

For a company started by one guy who had a mission to provide high-quality, healthy protein bars, IQ BAR has fared excellently. Give it a try for a reduced price and you’ll see why it all worked out from the first bite.


IQ BAR’s Price Match & Returns

If you want to make a return of your IQ BAR products, you must do so within 30 days of the initial purchase. Before you ship them back, you need to contact them via email for support and a possible replacement or refund will be discussed. It should also be noted that no more than 3 bars can be missing from the order if you want to ask for a refund. After they receive the return, you will get your money back in the same method that you paid for it with. Exchanges will be shipped within 5 to 7 business days after they receive your defective product.

5/51 rating