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Never has there been such a comprehensive site for everything you need that’s home related from stuff for kids to seasonal products. Lillian Vernon is a place where you can find the perfect give or a little something for yourself. If you need your interior décor and decorations to be just so, then Lillian Vernon is for you. We are guilty of this so we know that having something unique and personalized can be very important to a lot of people. With Lillian Vernon personalization is ALWAYS free!


Who are Lillian Vernon?

The beginnings of Lillian Vernon was put into gear in 1951 when the namesake of the company and soon to be mommy set out to fulfill her dreams. Lillian Vernon founded the Lillian Vernon Corporation that went public in 1987 and broke down barriers by being the first company founded by a woman that was traded on the American Stock Exchange!

This lovely lady led her company with superior innovation, creativity and overall love for everything Lillian Vernon carried. To this day, the company strives to keep her memory alive by adhering to these values.


How to Apply Lillian Vernon Coupon Codes?

Do you need more discounts on already affordable products? We have you covered. Once you have chosen your intricate additions to your household, simply add them to the cart.

A little drop-down menu should appear showing you all that’s in your cart, the total amount and the option to checkout. Below that you can see express checkout options by using Amazon Pay and/or PayPal Checkout. Once you are satisfied, click on checkout and it should take you to a different page.

On the left side of this page is where you fill in your personal information and shipping details. Pick the shipping method then refer to the right side of the page where you can see a bar allowing you to type in your promo discount. After that you’re good to go!


Lillian Vernon Products & Promotions

Instead of listing all the different products Lillian Vernon provides (as it could take us many pages), we’re going to tell you where to look. You can look for gifts under the gift tab and choose the subcategory. There are so many options, so try not to be overwhelmed! Feel free to scroll through all the tabs on the menu bar to explore what Lillian Vernon has in store for you.

As for promotions, you will see them all flashing on the homepage. Christmas deals, Cyber Monday deals, you will find the code right on the homepage to shave some dollars off your purchase.


Why Choose Lillian Vernon?

Lillian Vernon is an ethical business that stands by their product 100%. Their 100% quality guarantee is the equivalent of a satisfaction guarantee. You are able to return your product for a refund or replacement within 60 days of the shipping if it doesn’t satisfy your needs (be aware that a re-stocking fee may apply).

They also have excellent and responsive customer service representatives always waiting to help you.

Product safety is their highest priority. The test their children’s products through a third party lab before shipping to make sure the products are good to go. They follow all the safety laws including the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.


About Lillian Vernon

Lillian Vernon takes their quality control very seriously and commit 100% to the steps needed to carry out their QC and put their consumers’ hearts at ease.

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Lillian Vernon Price Match & Returns

There doesn’t seem to be a price match policy on their website since they are most likely the only sellers of their products. However, there is an extensive section outlining the return and exchange policy.

Every purchase is protected by their 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee that gives you the opportunity to exchange the product if it doesn’t perform up to standards. Be aware that their authorization needs to be given before you are able to return a product as they have final say in whether or not it is accepted.