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Having a service dog or an emotional support animal can be life-changing for many individuals, and it is important that these dogs can come along wherever their handler goes. It shouldn’t be an issue, but some establishments will question the dog’s right to enter, and this is where Lucky Service Dog comes in. They are here to help you get the right documentation for your working pet, to avoid tricky situations and the dog being denied entry when you have somewhere to be.


Who Are Lucky Service Dog?

If you would like to bring your furry helper with you to restaurants, hospitals, hotels, to live in apartments that prohibit pets or to go on public transportation, Lucky Service Dog can help you obtain the right paperwork.

The company specializes in licensing emotional support animals, service dogs and therapy dogs, and they stand out from the competition by also giving the user access to an online portal, where the credentials can be accessed digitally – if you would have forgotten your documents at home. You won’t ever be stopped at the door again, and your dog can continue doing the work he- or she was trained to do.


How to Apply Lucky Service Dog Coupon Codes?

To use a discount code, you first have to go to the Lucky Service Dog website and decide what service you are interested in, and whether you are looking to get documentation for a service dog, a therapy dog or an emotional support animal. You make your selection in the top menu, and then you get to choose which package you want. After this is done, you click on your cart and right before checkout is when you can fill in your coupon code. It is very simple and quick, provided you use the latest codes and discounts available.


Lucky Service Dog‘s Products & Promotions

With Lucky Service Dog, you can get your pup licensed as an emotional support animal, a therapy dog or a service dog, depending on your dog’s skills and your own personal needs. They offer an easier way to get the accreditation some places require to let you take your dog with you, to prevent the two of you from being stopped and turned away at the door.

After choosing the service your dog provides, you have the choice of three different packages – a digital certificate, a digital- and printed certificate, and a digital certificate plus a printed certificate and a photo ID. You decide what you prefer, and the total price is set depending on your chosen package.

Lucky Service Dog will sporadically offer discounted prices directly on their website, and they do have the occasional sale, but the best way to get a good discount is by using a coupon code with your purchase.


Why Choose Lucky Service Dog

There are many companies today that offer certifications for working dogs, but Lucky Service Dog is one of the few that will provide you with digital certification – so that you can have it with you everywhere, without having to carry papers and ID cards when it is not convenient. It is a modern company that understands the needs of a service dog handler today, and their goal is to make sure that your life with a service dog is made as simple easy and uncomplicated as possible.


About Lucky Service Dog

The best way to get in touch with Lucky Service dog, and the best way to obtain information, is by visiting their website. They do have a Facebook page where you can keep an eye on updates and message them with questions, and when you use the ‘Message Us’ button on their website – you are redirected to Facebook and its messaging function. This makes it easy to get in touch with Lucky Service Dog when needed, and they once again prove to be a company that has adapted to modern means of communication.


Lucky Service Dog’s Price Match & Returns

As each certificate is personalized, Lucky Service Dog do not usually offer refunds or the option to return a purchase, unless a mistake has been made on the certificate (where Lucky Service Dog is at fault). They are, however, very reasonable, and the best way to get help is by reaching out to them to see what can be done. There is currently no Price Match policy in place, but you can get the lowest prices by using a discount coupon code.

5/51 rating