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It’s always important to provide your pet with the best quality nourishment that’s available. The Critter Depot specializes in healthy and lively crickets, superworms, and black soldier fly larvae, all of which can be fed to your favorite pet, whether it’s a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, or one of the countless other reptiles and amphibians you might own. If you’re looking for promo codes for The Critter Depot, then you’ve come to the right place to find them.


Who are The Critter Depot?

The Critter Depot has been perfecting its methods of farming critters for generations. No one who works for the company is afraid of getting their hands dirty. In fact, the people at The Critter Depot are at their happiest when they’re busy with the messy work of farming critters. The hard work that they put into the process means that you’re assured the finest quality products when you order from The Critter Depot.


How to Apply The Critter Depot Coupon Codes

If you get hold of an amazing discount code for The Critter Depot, then rest assured that it’s an absolute breeze to apply to your order. The first thing to do is to visit The Critter Depot’s website. Then choose which products you want to order. This will also mean choosing the count and size of the critters, as well as the delivery type you want. Once you’ve got everything in your cart, then click on “Cart” up in the top right corner. You can now review your order. If it all looks good, then click on “Check Out”. Now you will see a box on the right which has “Discount Code” written inside it. Simple put your coupon code into this box, then click on “Apply”, and you’ve got a great discount for The Critter Depot now.


The Critter Depot’s Products & Promotions

The Critter Depot specializes in critters that you can feed to your pet if it is a reptile or amphibian. The company has vast experience at raising critters, so you can be assured of their quality when they arrive with you. The three main products that are offered are live crickets, superworms, and black soldier fly larvae. You can choose the size of the critters when you make your order, as well, of course, as the quantity too. The Critter Depot offers regular promotions, so make sure to check our website regularly to keep informed of them.


Why Choose The Critter Depot?

The Critter Depot has generations of experience at farming critters. The methods have been perfected through a prolonged period of time, meaning that all products are of the highest quality. The crickets will arrive with you in an extremely healthy and lively manner. The team at The Critter Depot love nothing more than being amongst the dirt and filth because they adore raising critters. That means you will be purchasing the best quality critters to feed to your reptile or amphibian.


About The Critter Depot

If you want to get in touch with The Critter Depot’s very friendly customer service department, then you only need to visit its website. Here you’ll find a “Contact” page which has a contact form for you to fill in with your query. You can also find the email address for The Critter Depot at the bottom of the page. If you want to follow The Critter Depot on social media, then that’s possible too. On Facebook and Twitter, the name is TastyCrickets. And The Critter Depot also has a YouTube channel, which you can find by searching for The Critter Depot on YouTube.


The Critter Depot Price Match & Returns

The Critter Depot farm and raise all of the critters that they sell, which is why they do not offer a price match scheme. Because of the nature of the product, then it isn’t possible to return an order from The Critter Depot. If, however, you are unfortunate enough to receive an order from The Critter Depot where the critters are dead on arrival, then please contact the customer service team, who will organize a new shipment of live critters to you.