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Booking a trip to Las Vegas is the dream of many, so why not make it a reality? With Total Rewards, you can cut the costs and go straight to the top events that you’d never imagine seeing.

When you’re ready to start the adventure of a lifetime, Total Rewards allows you to book every aspect of the vacation without any complications. Save even more money by using our Total Rewards promo codes seen here on this page.


Who are Total Rewards?

Total Rewards is a part of Caesar’s Entertainment Resorts in Las Vegas. They let you set up the ultimate vacation with shows, weddings, swimming pool events, and more. Find the trip that you’ve been wanting to go on!

Since the whole process is so exciting, the customer service team is always ready to help you with enthusiasm. They know all there is to know about Las Vegas, so you’ll have your own personal guide before you head out.

Their website is simply put together to let you click the attractions that you want to experience. From there, you can create an itinerary meant for royalty! They even have a mobile app to receive awards for each purchase.

+ Easy to find exactly where you want to go and what you want to see

+ Friendly and helpful customer service team

+ Every Vegas top attraction right in one place

+ Mobile app for instant rewards on every trip


How to Apply Total Rewards Coupon Codes?

Using our Total Rewards coupon codes will save you tons of money instantly. Set up your itinerary on their website and check out the currently available listings. Once you have everything set up as you desire, the checkout tab will have a discount box where you can put our Total Rewards code. You can simply copy and paste it right into the box for a quick process that only takes a few seconds. That’s all there is to it!


Total Rewards Products and Promotions

Total Rewards offers the complete Vegas itinerary for everyone. Check out their virtual reality experiences, go on the Rio Zipline, visit their wildlife habitat, or play mini golf in one of their many locations. You can also book an evening or two at a delicious restaurant, spend the evening at a casino, and relax at a spa and salon.

Our promo codes for Total Rewards make the experience even more enjoyable. Try out the 20% price cut on hotel rooms, $55.00 off of certain attractions, or one of the 72-hour one-time deals that you can’t miss!


Why Choose Total Rewards?

Total Rewards makes it easy for you to create your entire vacation from one website. Why book through numerous sites, overlapping and overcomplicating the process? They hold all of your tickets and entry fees in one place, giving you a relaxed, organized itinerary. Another great reason to choose Total Rewards is that they deal directly with the attractions and amenities, cutting costs even before using our coupons. All in all, they offer the best possible way to book a Las Vegas vacation in a quick and easy manner.


About Total Rewards

Total Rewards works through Caesar’s Entertainment, which is a part of the biggest group of Vegas hotels and restaurants. These amenities include Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s, Bally’s, Harveys, Planet Hollywood, and more. You can view suggested itineraries and get new ideas by following them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Don’t forget to check out the aforementioned mobile app to keep all of your vacations and bookings on one simple interface.


Total Rewards Price Match and Returns

Since Total Rewards works with numerous companies, the refund policy varies from place to place. However, most of them offer a full refund within 30 days of the initial booking. Even passed that date, it doesn’t hurt to contact the company directly to request a refund. Possible fees and the speediness of a refund also vary from company to company. Generally speaking, 5 to 10 business days is an expected timeframe to deal with. If you mistakenly book the wrong place, contact the company as soon as you can to explain the issue and receive a quick refund.