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Zoysia is a very popular type of grass because of its ability to flourish in temperate climates, as it can deal with extreme heat, while it will also survive the winter. It requires very little water and is drought-tolerant too. It can also withstand a lot of traffic due to its robustness. Zoysia Farms is the best place to purchase zoysia grass. You can buy zoysia plugs, zoysia seeds, and zoysia sod from Zoysia Farms. There is also a wide selection of lawn and plant food, weedkillers, planting tools, and other items that will make sure that your new zoysia lawn is looking good in no time at all. If you’re looking for Zoysia Farms coupon codes, promo codes, and discount codes, then you’ve come to the right place to find them.


Who are Zoysia Farms?

Zoysia Farms is a company that specializes in zoysia grass, as well as other products for the garden. It is based in Taneytown, Maryland. The farm manager at Zoysia Farms is Steve Schug. And the Executive VP is John Ridgeway. Zoysia Farms is a member of the Maryland Turf Grass Council, Delaware Nursery and Landscape Association, and Turfgrass Growers International.


Zoysia Farms Products and Promotions

Zoysia Farms specializes in zoysia grass, which is a low-maintenance form of turf that can withstand extreme heat, as well as survive through the winter. It is also able to tolerate a lot of traffic, which is why it is often used on golf courses for the fairways and teeing areas. Zoysia Farms sells zoysia plugs, zoysia seed, and zoysia sod. Zoysia Farms also sells a lot of gardening equipment too, including shears, gloves, sprinklers, knee pads, and pH meters. Zoysia Farms sells lawn and plant food, as well as fertilizer. There are organic products, like pesticides and herbicides available too. Zoysia Farms also sells seeds for wildflowers and herbs. And there are even some fun outdoor games for sale too, including croquet sets and bocce sets. Zoysia Farms often runs amazing promotions so that you can purchase its products at much lower prices, and the best way to keep informed of them – as well as to find coupon codes, promo codes, and discount codes – is by visiting our website.


Why Choose Zoysia Farms?

Zoysia Farms has a wealth of experience when it comes to producing and growing zoysia grass. It offers the highest quality zoysia plugs, zoysia seed, and zoysia sod that is available on the market. Zoysia Farms also sells its products at affordable, reasonable prices. Delivery is also swift. The customer service team is knowledgeable about zoysia and is always willing to help prospective customers decide on the correct amount of zoysia they require, and they are also always willing to help customers with their growing process. There is also a wealth of information on the Zoysia Farms website about how you plant, grow, and maintain your new zoysia grass, which is an important resource to anyone who is new to planting turf.


About Zoysia Farms

If you’re looking to get in touch with Zoysia Farms’ extremely friendly and helpful customer service team, then you simply need to visit the Zoysia Farms website. Once you’re there, click on the link to the “Customer Service” page. You’ll find a contact form on this page, which you can fill in with your queries and get a swift, helpful response. You can also find a phone number if you scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage. You can also follow Zoysia Farms on social media. On Twitter and YouTube, the name is simply @zoysiafarms. On Facebook, you can find Zoysia Farms with the name @Zoysia-Farm-Nurseries-168301233549/.


Zoysia Farms Price Match and Returns

Zoysia Farms does not currently offer customers and prospective customers a price match scheme. All plugs sold by Zoysia Farms come with a guarantee. The plugs should grow new green shoots within 45 and 60 days. If they don’t, then Zoysia Farms will replace them at no cost. The guarantee lasts for 1 year. If you have ordered a different item from Zoysia Farms that you are dissatisfied with or feel is defective, then contract the customer service team as soon as possible.